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Cyprus Art & Music

From highly decorative 9th Century Byzantine icons to live concerts showcasing the rising Cypriot stars of today's music world, Cyprus enjoys a lavish art & music scene that is Herculean both in variety and talent. No matter where your cultural tastes lie, Cyprus is an art & music lover's paradise. The island offers an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves deep within the heart and soul of Cyprus and her people in a voyage that will delight and entertain.

Ancient art abounds in Cyprus, the Museum of Kykkos Monastery in the Troodos Mountains being a fine example. Under the roof of a monastery the museum brings together woodcarvings, frescoes and items of antiquity from a bygone era, transporting visitors through an age where religion and art were inextricably linked together. Other centres of ancient art include the Byzantine Museum in the Old City of Nicosia and the Cyprus Medieval Museum at Limassol Castle.

Both classical and modern art are well represented on Cyprus too. In all of the major towns on the island art studios and galleries can be found parading fine works from acclaimed Cypriot artists. In Nicosia alone there are more than 50 venues inside which art exhibitions and permanent galleries from respected artists can be enjoyed. But Cypriot art does not confine itself to a four-walled surrounding. Out on the roads in villages and hamlets you'll find kiln-fired pots, hand-woven baskets and an abundance of lacework that is both decorative and practical.

Art aside, a Cypriot's life is incomplete without music. Be it live Greek music, jazz, classical or modern-day pop, Cyprus has an affinity with music that runs long and deep into its culture. The Cyprus State Orchestra reworking the best pieces from the greatest composers of the last few centuries are always a joy to listen to, and there are plenty of music & dance festivals to enjoy throughout the spring, summer and autumn months.

The jewel in the crown of Cypriot music though has to be the annual Cyprus International Opera Festival. Held every July at multiple venues across Cyprus, the festival is a magnificent celebration of world famous opera works. Rossini's The Barber of Seville and Verdi's Aida are amongst some the pieces performed in this month-long extravaganza.

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