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Birding in Cyprus

Cyprus is a first-class destination for bird watching. Some 371 species of bird can be seen on the island, including two endemic species that are found nowhere else in the world. In fact, the bird life on Cyprus is so diverse that bird watching enthusiasts are drawn from all over the globe in their thousands just to catch a glimpse of the island's numerous feathered creatures.

The popularity of Cyprus for birding is due in no small part to the island's location - it is situated directly on a north-south bird migration route. Every spring, between February and May, migrating birds traveling from Africa to Europe and Asia use the island as a stopover point on their journey. Along coastal bays, mudflats, and in shrubs and trees birds as diverse as swallows, warblers, buntings and swifts can be spied. At the more unusual end of the bird spectrum rare birds such as the Great Spotted Cuckoo, the Marsh Harrier or even Bonelli's Eagle can be glimpsed too.

By August the great migration south begins. The birds flee from the cooler autumn air that invades Northern Europe and Asia. They head south to the African continent and beyond, again using Cyprus as the stopover point of choice. Millions of migrating birds may be spotted on their long autumn journey right through until early November.

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