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  Bungee Jumping in Cyprus

Looking for an adrenalin rush on your vacation? Bungee jumping is one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world…and at Ayia Napa in Eastern Cyprus you can experience it for yourself.

Nissi Beach, some 10-minutes outside the centre of Ayia Napa, is the precise location of Cyprus's internationally acclaimed bungee jump club - Bungee Downunder. Up and running since 1992, Bungee Downunder welcomes you to jump from a 200 ft crane with only a cord of elastic tied to your ankles. For those who pluck up the courage it is an experience you're never likely to forget!

The jump platform extends out above the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean, and as bungee jumpers who've leapt from this platform will tell you, you do get a little wet at the other end. Not a bad thing when you consider that the air temperature in Ayia Napa during the summer months is regularly above 30°c!

The Bungee Downunder experience though is more than just the jump itself. The team at Nissi Beach lay on barbecues and some cool sounds to chill out to. There's even the opportunity to make night jumps during the height of the summer season.

Is bungee jumping safe?
Bungee jumping in Cyprus is very safe. The Bungee Downunder team is a professional crew with an exemplary safety record. They are part of a worldwide organization that has carried out over 1,000,000 jumps safely across the world, and they are trained to be very thorough in all aspects of the jump.

Everything from medical assessment of jump participants to cord selection and freefall settings are covered in detail by the crew. Nothing is left to chance, insuring that your bungee jump is safe and completely exhilarating - just as it should be.

Bungee Downunder Booking & Enquiries:
Tel: +357 99 605248

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