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  Getting around Cyprus by Bus

The public bus network in Cyprus is one of the countries greatest assets. Bus services connect every town and village on the island, the fares are cheap and the service efficient. If you want to get out and about in Cyprus and explore beyond the main tourist sites, taking a ride on the public bus network is the best way to do it.

There are a number of bus operators offering bus services in Cyprus, two of the larger service providers being Larnaka and Clarious. Private bus companies also operate services between major urban areas and within the Limassol area, the most notable of which is the Limassol Urban Bus Company. The fares on private buses are often higher than on the services operated by the public bus companies.

In the towns and on the main tourist routes buses run quite frequently - about every hour or so. In the more rural areas the bus service is less frequent, buses running just once or twice per day from the more remote locations.

All bus timetables for both public and private bus services are available from tourist information centres and libraries on the island. Most companies provide a summer and winter timetable, and very few bus services run on a Sunday. It is also worth noting that the public bus service tends to stop running by around 5pm during the week, and 2pm at the weekends. Having the number of a local taxi firm may therefore be a good idea if you need transport in the evening.

You should also consider hiring a car which is essential if you wish to explore the real beauty of Cyprus.

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