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  Cyprus Climate

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean climate zone, and so benefits from short mild winters and long dry & warm summers. The island is famed for its sunshine, receiving on average more than 300 days of it each year - that's nearly double the amount of sunshine than received in most places in Britain. If you're looking for sunshine and all year round warmth, Cyprus is the place to be.

During the summer months Cyprus is dominated by anticyclonic high pressure systems that push up from North Africa. They bring clear blue skies and temperatures that soar above 30°c day after day. Around the coast the average maximum temperature in June, July and August is 32°c. Inland, the maximum temperature can be as high as 40°c - although the average is closer to 35°c. See average temperatures in Cyprus.

In contrast, the Troodos Mountains during the summer months offer welcome relief for those who are intolerant of the heat. At a height of 6402ft above sea level, Mount Olympus - the highest peak on Cyprus - is on average some 10°c - 15°c cooler than locations on the coast.

Rain is at a premium through the summer in Cyprus, most places staying completely dry. During the winter and spring months, occasional low pressure systems travel down the Mediterranean from the west. These bring welcome rainfall - and even snowfall to the higher peaks - encouraging the 1900+ flowering plants on the island to flourish. All in all, Cyprus averages only 40 days of rainfall each year.

Down close to sea level, the island never really gets cold during the winter. Locations like Paphos and Larnaka typically average a maximum temperature of 16°c - 18°c, while the average night-time temperature rarely falls below 7°c. Winters are a little cooler in land, Nicosia recording averages 2°c - 3°c below those experienced around the coast.

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