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The first time you experience Cypriot cuisine your taste buds will be treated to an experience you're never likely to forget. A unique blend of Greek, African and Middle Eastern dishes come together in a sparkling array of Cypriot gastronomy that is simply out of this world! From pastries soaked in locally produced honey to fresh kalamari and the Cypriot meat speciality - Kleftico, there is seemingly no end of choice on the menus of restaurants and tavernas right across the island.

Meze, which is served at most traditional eateries on Cyprus, is something every visitor must try at least once when on the island. Comprising of around 30 mini-dishes, meze is a cosmopolitan array of Cypriot delicacies that form a complete meal. It provides a little taste of everything, and is a great way to explore the many varied types of local foods for which Cyprus is famous. Meze is normally offered as meat dishes, fish dishes or a combination of both.

Cyprus is blessed with some of the best fishing waters in the Mediterranean. Fish eaters will enjoy a breathtaking menu that takes in a range of fresh and exotic fish. Barbouni (red mullet), Marida (tiny sardines), squid, octopus and cuttlefish are all favourites with the locals. If you choose a fish meze then you'll be able to sample the whole expansive range of fish dishes available - a great idea if you're not sure whether you'll like a particular fish or not!

For vegans Cyprus is a delightful place to taste the fruits of nature. The abundance of fresh fruit and root vegetables on the island means that there is no shortage of choice on the menu for non-meat eaters. Dishes are inspiring with combinations of local cheeses, salads and pulses providing an endless array of creations that can be tasted on their own or as an accompaniment to an extensive variety of vegetable-based cuisine.

Desserts, as you might expect, revolve around local fruits of the season. Strawberries are abundant through the winter months, while spring sees a glut of citrus fruit based desserts come to the fore. By midsummer a complete spectrum of delicious fruits give life to a dessert menu that lasts long into the autumn months. Why not then partake in a traditional Cypriot coffee to round off the evening in a truly regal style.

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