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Cycling in Cyprus


  Cycling in Cyprus

The stunning countryside in Cyprus beckons cyclists from all around the world to spend a vacation in the saddle of a bicycle on this beautiful Mediterranean island. From coastal routes and gentle cycle treks suitable for families to off-road and mountain biking, Cyprus is a joy for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Several cycling clubs operate out of the major towns in Cyprus. Bicycles can be hired from the clubs, or alternatively from independent cycle hire places. A huge variety of bicycles can be hired, including those with child seats, as well as tandem bicycles.

Maps are often sold at bicycle hire places or can be purchased off the Internet before you leave for Cyprus. Road signs are of an international standard, but it is advisable to become familiar with the Greek alphabet to help you decipher signposts and notices in rural areas.

Many cycling clubs in Cyprus offer guided cycling tours of both long and short duration. This is ideal if you prefer to cycle in a group. Tour operators also organize cycling tours of Cyprus, many of which can be booked directly at your resort.

Where to cycle on Cyprus?
Cycle routes along the coast and in the countryside to the east and extreme northwest are suitable for those who are looking for easy terrain. Inland, the terrain becomes a lot more challenging, especially along the myriad cycle routes that crisscross the Troodos Mountains.

As you can imagine, the Troodos Mountains are a joy for mountain-bikers. The Cyprus Cycling Federation organize two international mountain biking events in this region, attracting big-name stars in the world of cycling to the Troodos Mountains.

Wherever you choose to cycle in Cyprus you'll need to take a sun hat and sunglasses. The sun shines for more than 300 days of the year in Cyprus, and it can get quite hot too. You wouldn’t want to end up with sunstroke just because you forgot to put your hat on when out on your bicycle would you?

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