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A warm welcome and a friendly smile - it's what makes a family vacation…and it's what you and your family are guaranteed to receive when you visit the idyllic Mediterranean paradise of Cyprus. Cypriot hospitality knows no limits. You are a friend and will always be greeted as a friend. If ever there was a place where families were to feel more at home in a foreign country, Cyprus is that place.

Cyprus is a land of hidden treasures. Family fun and adventure awaits in every possible direction. There's the cool pine-clad hillside paths encircling the Troodos Mountains; there's the gently sloping sandy beaches perfect for setting up a sandcastle or two; there's even opportunities to ride horseback through the unspoiled Cypriot countryside or to try your hand at swimming, boating and snorkeling around the rocky headlands. No matter how old you and your children are, Cyprus really is the family vacation destination of choice.

Organised activities on the beautiful beaches that adorn the Cypriot coastline offer plenty of scope for parents to grab a few peaceful hours under the Mediterranean sun. If theme parks are on the agenda, Cyprus has enough to satisfy the child in all of us. Water fun can be found at the Marine Park and "Water World" in Ayia Napa. For the intrepid explorer there are more 'challenging' assignments - Dinosaurs Park and camel riding at Camel Park in Larnaca throwing down the gauntlet to the young and old alike!

Quieter family moments to cherish can be found along the myriad hiking trails that lace the coastline and stretch inland towards the mountains. Why not enjoy picnics in the sun as you gaze out over a sparkling sea from a clearing on the mountainside, or watch the expression on your children's' faces as they take in the stunning views? They're special moments that will stay with you forever…special moments that only Cyprus can deliver.

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