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 Flea Markets

Cyprus flea markets are an adventure all their own. Stalls bursting with fresh fruits, vegetables and the local fish catch grace towns and villages around the country every Wednesday and Friday, with some market stalls staying open five or six days each week. A stroll around a Cypriot flea market will take you through stalls of brightly coloured citrus fruits, as well as past tables where sun-ripened vegetables lifted from the ground that very morning lay in wait to tempt you. Herbs, spices, cheeses, meats and fish add to the tangle of colours and aroma as you wind your way around the stalls; it really is a gastronomical paradise!

The warm sun-drenched Cypriot climate ensures that there is a huge range of fresh produce available in the flea markets throughout the year. As early as January plump flavoursome strawberries - locally grown of course - have already found there way onto the stalls. These will last through until July. Spring ushers in a rash of citrus fruits - limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits being piled high on tables and in the crates scattered around the feet of stallholders.

By June Cypriot plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots get in on the act, along with some of the largest black cherries you are ever likely to see! Through the height of the summer watermelons and delicious figs are available in abundance, followed by an incredible variety of grapes that keep stalls packed to the brim right into autumn.

Other delights that you must try from the Cypriot flea markets:

Kolokasi ~ A speciality root vegetable grown in Cyprus…tastes a little like sweet potato!

Rozaki Grapes ~ A luscious seedless grape with a pink hue

Barbouni ~ Freshly caught red mullet

Xyfias ~ Cypriot swordfish!

Loukanika ~ The best sausage you'll ever taste in Cyprus…

Pastourma ~ But, if you like your sausage hot & spicy try this one!

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