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  Gaming in Cyprus

Gaming in Cyprus is limited to private non-commercial gambling only. There are no licensed casinos currently operating in the Greek-controlled area of Cyprus, although the government of Cyprus is currently looking at ways in which to introduce new laws that would allow the country to establish a land-based casino industry in the country. Work is also ongoing in the area of iGaming, the government having recently consulted with a UK law firm on this score.

Gambling is legal in the Turkish controlled area of Northern Cyprus. Crossing over the border to the nineteen or so casinos there though is not encouraged if you are on vacation in Southern Cyprus.

If you are keen to visit a casino during your vacation in Southern Cyprus it is advisable to book yourself on a Cyprus cruise. Several cruise boats leave the main ports in Cyprus bound for trips of between one and fourteen days to other destinations in the Mediterranean. On board many of the larger cruise boats you'll find licensed casinos in which you can gamble.

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