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Cyprus Handicrafts

Cyprus has a long and distinguished association with crafts and art that dates back to ancient times. For thousands of years pot has been thrown on potter's wheels and fired in kilns on the island. In the days of the Roman Empire pottery making thrived here, potters making a whole range of items from urns and cooking jars to drinking vessels and storage pots. Today, the traditional methods and values held dear by these ancient potters live on through the skills of present day Cypriot potters and ceramists. Their work can be found in the towns and villages right across the island, where you can view the art of pottery making and ceramics first-hand.

Handicrafts of a more intricate nature are found in the village of Lefkara near Nicosia. It is here where the world famous Lefkara Lace is hand-woven. A legacy left behind by the Venetians who ruled Cyprus more than 400 years ago, Lefkara Lace has become synonymous with fine Cypriot handicrafts. Each generation of lace makers at Lefkara have preserved the traditional lace making methods of their ancestors. Delicate designs are still lovingly created by hand as they were centuries ago, complete with the trademark Lefkara Lace cut work that is so familiar to lace collectors around the world.

Besides lace making, Lefkara along with many other areas of Cyprus is also well known for its fine silver crafts. Silversmiths have honed the art of developing ornate designs that never fail to amaze and inspire all those who visit the craft centres and workshops on the island. Artistic glasswork, silk work and basket weaving can also be found in abundance in Cyprus.

The local craftspeople of Cyprus are proud of their handicraft heritage and continue to keep alive the traditional skills needed to create such fine pieces of work. For visitors it is a unique opportunity to experience the magic of viewing ancient skills being performed first-hand, passed down as they have through each successive generation of Cypriots. No visit to Cyprus is ever complete without exploring this world of Cyprus handicrafts.

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