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A visit to Cyprus is a voyage of discovery. A kaleidoscope of more than 8000 years of history awaits on a Mediterranean paradise that is only 1/18th the size of New York State. Spend time unravelling the mysteries of the island's earliest Neolithic settlements; marvel at the legacy left behind by the Roman Empire; immerse yourself in the glory of the Ancient Greeks. From temples to the tombs of kings, time travel has never been as rewarding as it is on Cyprus.

A rich cultural heritage accompanies the explosion of monuments on Cyprus. Art is everywhere - both ancient and modern - pottery, basketwear and tapestries keeping alive cherished traditions of a bygone era. In the restaurants and bars of Cyprus you can sample Cypriot culture in a different way. Kleftiko - a speciality oven baked lamb - is a must for meat eaters, while for vegetarians a palette of fresh Cypriot fruit should not be missed.

Art is echoed in nature at the centre of the island. Here, the pine-covered Troodos Mountains rise gracefully up to meet the sky in a befitting gesture to the Gods of old. Snow-capped during winter months the mountains are a canvas on which nature dances through the seasons. The blossoms of spring and the soft hues of autumn can all be found on the mountain slopes, adding to the island's heritage.

Down from the mountain's peaks adventurers will find villages where time seems to have stood still. Farmers with their carts and donkeys are a regular sight, while the sweet aromas emanating from the kitchens of traditional stone-built houses make a visit to Cyprus a pleasure for all of your senses.

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