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  Cypriot Hospitality

Cypriot hospitality is legendary. More than just a friendly smile and a "Yah sou", Cypriots have a warm and loving nature that really impresses upon visitors every time they come to Cyprus, no matter what their race or creed. In shops, tavernas, cafes and bars the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Much of the population speaks English, even if at times it is a little broken, and they will do their utmost to help you no matter what the situation.

Don't be surprised to find yourself joining in with local conversations as you enjoy a cup of fine Cypriot coffee at a pavement café in Cyprus. Cypriots love to talk, the old boys being full of stories about their village and its history. Equally, you may find yourself invited to a game of Tavli (Backgammon) by the locals who play for hours in the sunshine at tables outside the bars and restaurants in almost every town and village on the island.

Down at the market you'll find Cypriot hospitality in abundance too. Stallholders will be only too happy to help you in anyway they can. If you want to try a fruit you've never tasted before or sample a freshly cooked Loukanika - a Cypriot speciality sausage - then just ask! You'll always be very welcome.

Festivals are a part of Cypriot life. In villages and towns across the island hardly a weekend passes by without a celebratory event. Visitors are more than welcome to join in with the festivities; the more national events too, such as the two-week carnival in preparation for Lent, provide visitors with opportunities to experience Cypriot hospitality at its best.

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