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  Moving to Cyprus

Moving to the sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Cyprus is the dream of a lot of people - especially Britons. From the moment you set foot on the island it is not hard to see the attraction. Warm clear blue waters, fresh island air and a laid-back lifestyle await in a country that was once known as the playground of the Gods.

Fortunately, turning that dream of living in Cyprus into a reality is a lot less difficult than most people think. All it takes is some careful planning and determination not to give up! If Cyprus has captured your heart here is a five-step plan to help you realize your Cypriot ambitions.

Five steps to living in Cyprus

1) Vacation Home or Full-time living? Since Cyprus joined the European Union on May 1st 2004, the rules and regulations governing property purchase in Cyprus have changed. Be clear about what you want to achieve from your property purchase and as to whether you want to live in Cyprus full-time. If you are an EU national and apply for Cyprus residency you'll have fewer Government rules to comply with.

2) Location. Just as with a property purchase in any other country it is important to choose your location carefully. Some areas of Southern Cyprus are considered ripe for development. Depending upon your motives you may or may not want to make your purchase in these areas.

3) Local Disbursement Account. Essentially a prerequisite for living in Cyprus, this type of account can be opened by any foreign national at a Cypriot bank. It can only be funded by foreign currency and is vital for covering day to day living expenses and other expenses involved with purchasing your property.

4) Council of Ministers Application. Unless you are an EU citizen who has obtained Cypriot residency status you will need to apply for permission to own property on the island. Applications are made with the District Officers in the local area. The process normally takes several months, but applications are always accepted from bona fide applicants, so this step should not prove to be a barrier to the purchase process.

5) Deposit purchase contract at District Land's Office. Within two months of finalizing the contract on your property purchase you must supply the District Land's Office with a copy of the contract and the permission document as granted by the Council of Ministers. You can then kick back and enjoy Cypriot life to the full!

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