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Paintball in Cyprus


  Paintball in Cyprus

Paintball is a team participation sport that has gained a tremendous following around the world in recent years. The exhilaration of stalking an opposing team through the undergrowth in an effort to capture their flag while armed only with a paintball gun and paint pellets attracts millions of people to try out paintball games every year.

In Cyprus, paintball became legal in May 2004. There are now four licensed paintball fields operating in the country, the locations of which are revealed at the bottom of this page.

Paintball in Cyprus is an experience that will live long in the memory. Virtually any number of scenarios can be played out in the well-equipped paintball fields across Cyprus. These include storming a castle, mock battles around makeshift villages and even paintball battles by floodlight. No prior experience or training is necessary, and contrary to popular belief you don't have to be in top physical condition to participate!

How to play paintball in Cyprus
Most paintball fields cater for individuals and groups. Normally, players will be paired off or grouped into teams, the objective of the paintball game being to capture the opposing team's flag while protecting your own flag from capture. The first team to capture the opposition's flag is declared the winner.

You'll be issued with a paintball gun and paintball pellets. The pellets are fired at your opponents to prevent them from advancing and taking your flag. Made from a thin gelatin shell in which water-soluble paint is held, paintball pellets easily break upon impact, splattering the target with paint. If a paint pellet hits you you're out of the game!

Is paintball safe?
Providing that all of the guidelines issued by the instructors at the paintball field are followed, then paintball is a very safe sport.
Paintball fields in Cyprus
DNA Paintball - Paphos Tel. +357 99620920
KWEST Cyprus Paintball Park - Larnaca Tel. +357 99669343
Paintball City Cyprus - Paphos Tel. +357 26 813 999
Village Paintball Fields - Limassol Tel. + 357 99656474

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