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Cyprus is a true scuba diving paradise suitable for both beginners and experienced divers alike. Beneath the sparkling ocean waves that surround the island, a new world awaits discovery. Stingrays, morays, reefs and the odd octopus or two are just some of the underwater delights unveiled only metres below the surface. There are caves, tunnels and shipwrecks too - the Zenobia, which sunk in 1980, being one of the top dive attractions in the world today.

If you've never strapped on a dive tank before or if you'd like to experience the excitement of snorkeling for the first time, Cyprus is the place to learn. All around the island you'll find dive centres from where dives of between 5 and 30 metres can be arranged. Shallow sandy bays down to six or seven metres are perfect for beginners, while qualified divers can enjoy challenging dives that take them through underwater tunnels, into caves and holes, and beneath overhangs.

No matter what your level of experience, Cyprus offers divers and snorkelers a stunning array of aquatic life to appreciate. Nothing on Earth can prepare you for the thrill of swimming with countless brightly coloured fish in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea or weightlessly floating underwater as you marvel at the collage of live coral, their tendrils gently swaying in the currents that ebb and flow. They are serene moments that you'll cherish forever.

But if it's action and adventure that you're after, look no further than the Zenobia! The shipwreck near Larnaca Harbour is an adrenalin-pumping dive. It's an opportunity to get up close and personal to one of the world's most impressive sunken ships, where rusting articulated lorries dangle from chains and barracudas silently circle in the dim light. It’s a spine-tingling ride that lives long in the memory.

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