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Shopping in Cyprus


  Shopping in Cyprus

Shopping is part and parcel of every vacation. In Cyprus, there are plenty of opportunities to shop for a wide range of items and souvenirs. Local currency is the Cypriot Pound, which is divided into 100 cents. Most shops will gladly accept purchases in British Pounds and American Dollars too.

Locally produced items on the island offer you the best value for your money. There are literally hundreds of shops, stalls and outlets marketing a range of handicrafts, which include carved wood items, silverware and lace. Look out for shops that are members of the Cyprus Handicraft Service. This is a government-run venture through which local artisans display their goods. If you're looking for genuine Cypriot crafts that are not mass-produced then these are the shops to visit.

Leather items on Cyprus are particularly good value. Shops across the island are stocked up with the latest leather fashions, including shoes, handbags, suitcases and leather jackets. Some of these items you won't find cheaper for the same quality anywhere else in Northern Europe.

Lace - especially Lefkara Lace - is a much sought-after gift from Cyprus. Hand-produced in the small village of Lefkara in the hills to the south of Nicosia, Lefkara Lace has a history that stretches back some 400 years. Many of the traditional techniques are still followed by the current generation of lace makers, their delicate designs being used to create tablecloths, shawls, blouses and many other items.

At Lefkara too you can explore the world of silver crafts and learn how local artisans create exquisite silverware items. All around the island local silverware is sold. Silver jewellery items are particularly good value.

Other popular items to shop for on Cyprus include wickerwork, local foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages - notably Commandaria wine.

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