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Skiing in Cyprus



Skiing in Cyprus

Cyprus is universally recognised as a warm and sunny vacation destination where visitors can stretch out on a beach somewhere beneath azure skies and listen to the ocean gently lap the shore. Few people if asked would associate Cyprus with skiing!

Cyprus though is an island of extremes. During the winter months you can bask in 70°F heat on the coast in the morning and go skiing in the snowfields of the Troodos Mountains in the afternoon! It is a magical island that is truly full of surprises.

Snow falls in the Troodos Mountains from mid-December through to the end of March courtesy of the infrequent winter storms that pass over the island. At an altitude of above 4500ft the snow accumulates, especially on north facing slopes. Mount Olympus (altitude 6402ft) has a cap of snow on it for three or four months of the year, and is where the Troodos Skiing Resort is based.

The Troodos Skiing Resort is the focus for skiing on the island. It is situated in a col between Mount Olympus and one of the other peaks in the Troodos range. Alpine skiing and cross country trails can be enjoyed by skiers at the resort. There are four slopes - two on the North Face of Mount Olympus and two in Sun Valley. Each has a t-bar lift system and equipment rental station.

All levels of skiing ability are catered for on the slopes. The Hera Lift on the North Face and Aphrodite Lift at Sun Valley are more suitable for beginners. Intermediate skiers will feel right at home on the Hermes slope in Sun Valley, while advanced skiers will enjoy the Zeus run located on the North Face of Mount Olympus.

The best time to book a skiing trip to Cyprus is in February and March. Normally there is sufficient powdery snow depth in the mountains by this time. By the end of March the stronger sunshine has started to transform the powder to corn snow, signalling the end of the ski season.

Ski Shops
There are only three ski shops selling ski equipment in Cyprus. There are two in Nicosia and one in Limassol. No ski shops are available at the Troodos Resort itself.

Mavros Sports Ltd.
138-140 Ledras Str., Nicosia Tel: 22-680898

Force 8 Sports - The Surf and Ski Shop
59 Fr. Roosevelt Ave., Limassol Tel: 25-579919

43A Stassinou Str., 2003 Strovolos, Nicosia Tel: 22-465100

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