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Here are the top 10 reasons why visitors to Cyprus have been choosing Cyprus as their holiday destination:

  1. "Very warm and friendly people" has been voted as Number 1 reason why Cyprus has been prefered as the best holiday destination in Europe.
    Learn more about Cypriot hospitality.

  2. "Food". Learn more about the local cuisine and if you want to cook it at home, take a look at the local recipes.

  3. "Clear blue sea and very clean, relaxing, beautiful beaches". See the list of sandy beaches you may enjoy all over Cyprus.

  4. "History and culture".

  5. "Local beer and and local wines from the region".

  6. "Stunning scenery". Hiking and trekking can be enjoyed all year around.

  7. "Near to fly and very affordable prices". See flight times to Cyprus.

  8. "Nightlife".

  9. "Great diving and the Zenobia shipwreck".

  10. "Brillant golf coures". Get details about the four golf courses.
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